Alan might run.

Things may get even worse.

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Am I on time?

The manager was unnecessarily rough on him.

Talent is like money. It's not necessary to have any to talk about it.

Is Marci a criminal?

Are we going somewhere?

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Yeah, it's no big deal.

There exists a fine line between helpful and destructive fears. But there is a line. Our job is to find it and walk it.

They're hiding.


I'd like to see the car before I rent it.

Ken'nichi made a pond in the shape of Lake Geneva.

It's clear that Sumitro has no intention of marrying you.

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Everyone's different.


I think I need to ask Malloy what he thinks.


Two jet planes took off at the same time.

I weigh 70 kilos, give or take a few kilos.

He embraced his relatives before he left.

I'm not racist, I just hate everybody.

She had never seen it before.

This cable has a tremendous strength.

I don't know why he's not here today.

Suwandi probably went out.

The problem is that we don't know if we can trust Jerald or not.

Did you see her last night?

What do you say to playing tennis with me?


What do you think about it?

He cut the advertisement out of the newspaper.

You're not supposed to be here.


Steve thinks Suwandi has fallen to the skinniness craze.

Gail wants to be a pilot.

They turned to look at her.


I'm going to visit Rome this summer.


"Thanks a lot for letting me play with your Xbox." "No problem dude, knock yourself out."

The writer was descended from the Greek royal family.

I got a D on my science test.

Do you think I'm crazy?

I thought there was somebody in the meeting room.

What a charming couple!

I'll fire them.

You're a big help.

The weather is clearing up. I needn't have brought an umbrella.

Is anybody in there?

Jinchao has strange ideas.

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This is a statue of Pluto.

We are a nation that stands for the rule of law.

We've already done everything we can do.

The apple fell!

Please, hurry up.

This dress looks good on you.

They were depressed.

Where did you bring these plates from?

I want to get away for the weekend.

Turn away thine eyes from me, for they have overcome me.

The speaker occasionally referred to his notes.

Soldiers must obey their commanders.

Donnie was unhappy.


He is going to drive you to the airport.

I swear I never showed anyone that document.

He attentively went over her exam paper.

They both want the same thing.

I want them brought to justice.

Is Elizabeth there, too?

I'm getting to it.


Who told you to tell Graham to come?


You're one of the most generous people I ever met.

The Catholic Church is opposed to divorce.

Just tell me what I need to tell Darryl.


It reminds me of someone.

Many people die in traffic accidents.

Nadeem pretended that he didn't know Jef.


It was bound to happen and finally it did.


Jesse and I were ill in bed yesterday.

Gilles claimed that he was innocent.

Rees doesn't look like her mother.

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We probably don't have enough money to buy that.


The boy scouts went from door to door selling what they had made.

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I bought that from a street vendor.

I'll buy a pen from him.

Today I'm shopping in town as well as running an errand for my grandmother.


I have a spare room.

I've sacrificed everything.

My mother bought me a new dress.


Don't obey him.

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Sanjay turned the music down.

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I'm lucky to have this.

The next step was to negotiate terms of a peace treaty.

Did Andreas find the person he was looking for?

I did my exam!

Sanche didn't answer at once.

To hate, to love, to think, to feel, to see; all this is nothing but to perceive.

What I told them was true.


Were there any other people in the house?


When he arrived, I made coffee.

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Can you open the window?

All you have to do is to read this book to pass the entrance examination.

I'm sorry to disagree with your decision.

We already know you did it.

I know you're not coming to my party, but I wish you were.

He claims that he is a painter.

I got it right by accident.

Olof sleeps with the light on.

Emma sounded tired.

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Cindy is a bodybuilder.

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He was not completely satisfied with the treaty.

We need to speak to you again.

I am getting big!

Many of you speak French, right?

There is no telling exactly when the earth was born.

They stated their objections.

Lately, I've been growing a pot belly. It must be middle age...

I bid you greetings and may there be peace through fellowship between us.

Anatoly's actions aren't predictable.

He failed to see the stop sign at the intersection and hit an oncoming car.

I like Tolerant and he said that he liked me, too.


Elwood was not jealous.

Why do you want to go home early?

The crowds broke into loud cheers.

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It is more difficult for engineers to learn Japanese than it is for Japanese people to learn English.


That is a policy of weakness, helplessness, and complete confusion.

We were in a hurry.

He has decided to become a pilot.

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The tower was blown to atoms.

I can't for the life of me remember her phone number.

Training conditions workers to react quickly to an emergency.

I can't endure the noise.

Except for me, there wasn't a single person there.

What are you studying this semester?

You transfer at Ikebukuro Station.

And just like that, Dima's childhood friend hung up, leaving Dima - as he was before - 99 kopeks short of his goal.

Duke handed the photo back to Dimetry.


Do you have a son?

I'm not sure what's wrong with that.

You'll get a ticket if you park the car in front of a fire hydrant.


I want her on the phone.

Would you ask her to come in?

Steven should've apologized instantly.

Unfortunately, the food supplies ran out before the end of winter.

Someone broke into my house and ran away with all of my money.

Brush your teeth, however sleepy you are.

Don't hesitate to ask a question if you don't understand.


I'm pretty sure Lynn was trying to tell us something.

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Did you like the movie we watched yesterday?

Don't interrupt me when I'm talking!

I have a headache, so I would like to take a day off today.

Am I allowed to enter?

Does she like orange?

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I heard about it.

Pantelis didn't know the reason why Ramanan wanted a new dress.

The house is small but beautiful.


We have made him cry.


Marcel has more alcohol in his refrigerator than he does food.

Cary doesn't really like you much.

Sanand climbed through the window.


Most people form opinions the same way they get colds - they're infected.

I have to change tires.

Open your mouth, please!


What's your annual income?